Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Suprelorin - Day 20

Just under 3 weeks ago I finally decided to get Chester chemically castrated using Suprelorin. It's a little implant that completely cuts testosterone for 6-12 months giving all the usual effects of a full castration but being completely reversible.

There was nothing major in his behaviour which led me to it but a build up of a few things made me want to see if it was his testosterone affecting him.

The vet warned me that his testosterone would go up before it went down and we definitely went through a tricky couple of weeks. I felt he wasn't quite as settled.

We're now on day 20 so it should be starting to take effect. It's really hard to tell whether it has had any effect or whether it's in my head!

We haven't met any entire males the last few days so I can't judge his behaviour then. We've met a few females where he's possibly been a little calmer, but again it would depend on the dog any way.

I do this he is starting to get more focus on me because he's not constantly following his nose (or balls!) I've been upping his training anyway but I think the combination of the 2 has really helped and so far I'm pleased we made the decision to get the Suprelorin.

I'd like to see if things improve even more over the next few weeks. We have obedience and gundog training this weekend and it will be interesting to see if people notice a difference in his behaviour.

I think his testicles will shrink more but I'm hoping he doesn't lose any condition in his coat or build. The vet said he probably won't and it seems to affect longer haired dogs i.e. spaniels.

Not quite sure what we do when the implant starts to wear off. The vet said it's perfectly safe to repeat but the most it's been tested is 4 years. I think after then you'd probably get them fully castrated anyway.

Good things to come this month as a Munsterlander training is coming to do a session with Chester and Jack in a couple of weeks and we also have a weekend booked with Kimberley Gundogs at the end of the month. Fingers crossed Chester keeps improving :)