Monday, 12 September 2011


Been really pleased with Chester over the past week and today he didn't let me down :)

Took a 1lb dummy out on our walk aiming to do a few retrieves, maybe some hunting as the wind was so strong.

I really pushed him on his 'back' command. This is blind, he hasn't seen me place the dummy. In hindsight, it's a little too far for him and that's why he's not running straight out. I need to cut back to the distance a bit. I am also far from him. There's a strong headwind coming from my right to left.

This is a memory, he's seen me place the dummy then we both walked back to position before he was sent. Really trying to get the present. Still takes a lot of 'HOLD' but it's looking much better. He's a bit speedy and still hasn't learnt to slow down and present in front of me. We'll fix that :) This is a massive achievement from a dog who ran around in circles with the dummy once he returned to me, to one who dropped it 2ft away and now this. Still a work in progress.

Really pleased with those and we finished on a high!

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